Lords Uricid Drops (30ml)

Decreases Swelling, Stiffness, Pain in Joints, useful in Gout and Uric Acid


Lords Uricid Drops

It tones up the kidney functioning which ensures the excessive Uric Acid is expelled and further accumulation is checked.

Indication of Lords Uricid Drops

  • Joint redness, swollen joints, joint pain, and warmth of the joint.
  • Urinary complaints with uric acid, renal stones.

Other Indications of Lords Uricid Drops

Symptoms associated with hyperuricemia (high levels of uric acid)

Lords Uricid Drops for uric acid


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Action of Ingredients used in Lords Uricid Drops

  • Berberis Vulgaris:  Effective in Rheumatic paralytic pain in shoulders, arms, hands and fingers, legs and feet.
  • Lycopodum Clav :  Chronic gout, with chalky deposits in joints is relieved by it.
  • Urtica Urens :  Pain in acute gout deltoid; pain in ankles, wrists is relieved by it.
  • Taraxacum :  It is indicated in complaints of restless limbs, and Limbs which are painful to touch.

Dosage of Lords Uricid Drops

10-15 drops should be diluted in water and taken 3 times a day.


30 ml



The genesis of Lord's emanates from the era of 1970s when its management was the largest importer and distributor of German Homoeopathic medicines in India. The high cost and logistical hurdles of imported medicines prompted the idea of manufacturing quality medicines in India. Next logical culmination was establishment of a manufacturing unit way back in 1986. We were among the pioneers to introduce Patent formulations and Homoeopathic cosmetics. Soon after the success of Patent formulations the full range of generic medicines was introduced. Today we provide widest range of Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Triturations and Generic Ointments.


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