Lords Toxkure Drops (30ml)

Lowers the Toxic, After Effects and Craving of Nicotine and Alcohol


Lords Toxkure Drop is a safe and gentle homoeopathic way to overcome and reduce the toxic and after effects of nicotine and alcohol.

Key Benefits:

  • Treat insomnia, palpitation, tremors and weakness
  • Indicated for bad effects of alcohol and smoking. Headache Nausea and vomiting
  • It helps to reduce the craving for tobacco and burning in stomach.

Indications of Lords Toxkure Drops

  • Bad effects of alcohol & smoking. Headache Nausea & vomiting.
  • Insomnia.
  • Palpitation, tremors and weakness.
Lowers the Toxic, After Effects and Craving of Nicotine and Alcohol


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Lords Toxkure Drops Lords Toxkure Drops

Strychninum nit. 6x: Constant retching. Violent vomiting. Remove craving for alcohol.

Avena sat. Ø: Best tonic for debility after exhausting diseases. Nerve tremors of the aged, alcoholism, sleeplessness especially of alcoholics. Inability to keep mind on any one subject.

Quercus gland. spir. 2x: Antidotes effects of Alcohol. Vertigo; with noises in head. Takes away craving for alcoholics

Caladium 3x: Forgetfulness in persons who are mentally and physically prostrated. Nervous fantastic things run through the remedy showing its relation to neurasthenic and hysterical patients.

Kalmegh Ø:  Helps to support and strengthen the liver. It has been proved to be hepato protective drug.

Daphne indica 2x: Sudden, lightning jerks in different parts of the body. Helps to lower the Craving for tobacco. Burning in stomach.

Dosage/Directions Go Tox Drops:

15 to 20 drops diluted with half tablespoon of water twice daily.



The genesis of Lord's emanates from the era of 1970s when its management was the largest importer and distributor of German Homoeopathic medicines in India. The high cost and logistical hurdles of imported medicines prompted the idea of manufacturing quality medicines in India. Next logical culmination was establishment of a manufacturing unit way back in 1986. We were among the pioneers to introduce Patent formulations and Homoeopathic cosmetics. Soon after the success of Patent formulations the full range of generic medicines was introduced. Today we provide widest range of Mother Tinctures, Dilutions, Triturations and Generic Ointments.


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