Lords Cardolin Gold Drops (30ml)

Effective in Palpitations, Anxiety, Heart Pain, regulates Pulse, Heart tonic

Cardolin Gold drops provides the homoeopathic way to Cardio Protection. It works in cases of Coronary Artery Disease, Arteriosclerosis, Myocarditis, Early Congestive Heart Failure, Cardiac Dropsy Dyspnoea, Cardiac Anxiety, Palpitations.

Indications of Lords Cardolin Gold Drops

  • Cases of chest pains
  • Heart tonic for Healthier Heart & Circulation


20-30 drops in 1/4 cup of water 3 time in a day. In emergency or unexpected symptoms, 40 drops or as prescribed by the physician.

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Product Description


Cactus Grandiflora Q,

Crataegus Oxyacantha Q,

Strophanthus Hispidus Q,

Convallaria Majalis Q,

Valeriana Officinzxalis Q,

Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum 4x,

Camphora 2x,

Alcohol content 50% v/v

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