International Brainol (External use)


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Indication: Indicated in alopecia, sleeplessness, in stress and strain of mind, turns grey hair to black and make the mind fresh and energetic.

Dosage: A few drops to be applied on the scalp gently before or after bath.

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Each 100 ml Contains:-
Pilocarpus Jaborandi θ: 0.2 ml
Terminalia Chebula θ: 0.2 ml
Hydrocotyle Asiatica θ: 0.5 ml
Cinnamomum θ: 0.1 ml
Azadirechta Indica θ: 0.2 ml
Mentha Piperata θ: 2.0 ml
Camphora Officinalis θ: 0.5 ml
Embelica Officinalis θ: 0.1 ml
Cantharis θ: 0.05 ml
Tylophora Indica θ: 0.2 ml
Almond Oil: 0.05 ml
Resorcinum 1X: 0.2 gm
Excipients: Q.S.
In Oily Base
Alcohol Content: 2.73% V/V

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Packing size

100 ml



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