International Baljit Tonic

A general tonic for fatigue, Exhaustion, increases concentration and focus

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Each 5 ml Contains:-
Alfalfa θ: 0.20 ml
Avena Sativa θ: 0.13 ml
Aswagandha θ: 0.19 ml
Cinchona Officinalis θ: 0.13 ml
Hydrastis Canadensis θ: 0.08 ml
Damiana θ: 0.12 ml
Magnesium Phosphoricum 3X: 120.0 mg
Ferrum Phosphorica 3X: 120.0 mg
Calcarea Phosphorica 1X: 100.0 mg
Kali Phosphoricum 1X: 100.0 mg
Natrum Phosphoricum 1X: 120.0 mg
Acidum Phosphoricum 2X: 0.2 ml
Syrup: Q.S.
Excipients: Q.S.
Color Caramel: Q.S.
Purified Water: Q.S.
Alcohol Content: 11.6% v/v


Dosage: 1-2 Teaspoonfuls twice daily or as directed by the physician.

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Additional Information


200 ml, 450 ml




INTERNATIONAL HOMOEO RESEARCH is one of the leading Homoeopathic Medicine Manufacturer Company in India offering a wide range of Homoeo Medicine.
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